To be a legitimate fly fishing bro, do you also need to be a heady skier?


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Spicy day in the mtns. We haven't had shit for weather in what feels like a month but today there was all kinds of action. Rain, snow, winds up to 50 mph, fluctuating freezing line; all made for tricky conditions.

My buddy and I headed out with initial plans to ski this really cool couloir. Yeah that plan lasted for about an hour.

We skinned up through the trees on 3-5" of new snow. When we got into the alpine viz was shit and it was super windy. The wind was transporting some of the fresh snow so before we committed to avalanche terrain we dug a pit. We found a weak layer approx 8-10" below the surface and got a fracture to propagate on that weak layer (ECT14.) The snowpack was not stable.

Since the alpine was not in play we moved to a different zone to find some hippy turns.

We found some decent snow on lower angle slopes that was safe and got in some nice turns. But as we were heading home we got a good look at the initial objective. It is the couloir in the far left of the photo that is split in half.

Today wasn't our day but that line ain't going anywhere.


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Swimmy, even in your utopian world, some days just aren't fit either for skiing or fishing. Occasionally life is tough.


I have an amazing collection of fishing shirts
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Occasionally life is tough.
The day I realized this was devastating.

Big storm moving through but so far it is warm and mostly a rain event. Snow level is around 8000' which is not only a mess to ski but also creates instabilities.

Yesterday was Bridger's last day but they actually had to close as conditions were not safe. Kind of a shitty way to end the bbowl season.

Big Sky is open but snowline has also been 8000' making for tough conditions anywhere but the tram. However, it will drop to 5000' over the next 24 hours and winter storm warning in effect through tomorrow pm calling for another 6-12". Thursday could be good.

Because this has been such a big rain event, it will be interesting to see what the trailheads look like. Could be a big mud hole making for tough sledding. Cooke City might be the only play for sled/ski objectives.

I did get my ski rack mounted. This thing was a pain in the ass but man is it going to be nice to have.



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After Bridgers wet slide event in 2012 their cautionary approach is understandable. When Bridger closes for the year 2nd season begins. That same year had a five foot storm the end of April, 3 feet on Memorial Day weekend, and we skied 18” of pow at fairy lake on June 7th. Don’t be afraid to run that sled on some dirt to get to the snow.


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Just watch for large rocks and watch your temps. A lot of times here in the northeast we have to ride on secondary roads which melt out quicker to continue riding from section of trail to section of trail.

Your main concerns are throwing a rock through your cooler and or overheating becuse of lack of snow getting thrown onto the cooler. Obviously your carbides may wear a little quicker than on snow (but less than riding on asphalt for a mile) but other than that its no problem. I've been riding since I was a little kid.

Ps: heck of a nice machine for your first one! Enjoy it.


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My wife and I cut out from work yesterday and skied Showdown. Same sort of conditions,awesome skiing for April. There was like forty people skiing the mountain.


I have an amazing collection of fishing shirts
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Squeezed in one more powder day at the resort. 5" on top of 3" with 30" in the past week. Mountain looked great.

Bagged 2nd tram and only crossed a couple tracks in 3000'.

Drive home wasn't too shabby either

Gonna try and get the sleds out this weekend. Love spring skiing.

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