To be a legitimate fly fishing bro, do you also need to be a heady skier?

I have often compared fly fishing to golf. there are many similarities, different courses are like different fly water. The equipment that you need, the cast vs the swing and also how f^&#ing hard it is.
Is there a golf equivalent to "Point your tips at the lodge and tuck it " ?
Back in the '70s, when I was a climbing bum in the Tetons, we'd guide in the summer, pound nails in the fall 'til winter shut down the construction jobs, then go to the unemployment office and "join the government ski team." I wasn't into fly fishing then, but was part of a group that put first tracks down, and named a lot of the now-famous bowls accessible from Teton Pass. That was all tele skiing.
I skied for over forty years until a back injury at Whistler about ten years ago. Don't ski anymore, and I have to admit that I really miss it. I do other stuff now, but the winters seem SO much longer without the thrill of carving 'em up (guess it's called "shredding" now).

Mt Baker opens @ 10:00 AM sharp this Wednesday morning... have at it powderhounds!!!!

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