Super Tripla!

My pike fishing has been phucked this year, spring didn't happen because of ice over till late. Then bang, hot weather & the hottest summer in history here! Water was warm all fall still, took the tube out a lot but only got smallish fish under 40" & many times nothing! Had more jumpers then ever before in the warm water but not the size i wanted. Thursday was a day off, indapendence day. Took the tube out & lost a fish, gear guy came close in his boat & i asked the water temp, he said 5 degrees celcius! Ended up getting this 80-85cm, was strong & put bends in the 10wt. sketch-1544362356820.png Went out saturday & lost a fish, then landed these 3, 85cm, 70cm & 65cm. sketch-1544362381868.png sketch-1544362399593.png sketch-1544362415934.png Not big, but the first time this year i'd caught more then 2 pike. When i got back to the van after just over 2 hrs on the water my thumbs wouldn't move anymore & i couldn't feel my toes! Beer tasted good at home rincing my flies & reel & a hot shower felt really good!
Nicely done! Perhaps a silly question but are the pike protected? Have you ever retained one for the table?
No, the pike are not protected & i havn't kept a fish in years. Pike makes good fish meatballs & the mincer will get rid of any small bones left in the fillet, my uncle does it a lot. Last fish i kept was a 25" seatrout about 6 years ago.

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