Little stories in rhyme

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches

Been driving all night
On the road to oblivion
last night I left
No more job
Or dirty apartment
To rent
So I pointed west
and started driving
Trying to forget
My heart is crying
Life is a tough road
For guys like me
Too much time
In the penitentiary

Shaking it off
The sun glints
On the window shield
Hints of where
I am bound
passing endless
corn fields
Up ahead on the horizon
I see a palace of sorts
A casino or hotel
A heaven
not hell
I drive up
a beat up mess
met by a valet
at the entrance
to this place
He says
“Welcome to the Slot “
And “have a good time”

I’m thinking
that’ll be tough
I don’t have a dime
So I enter the doors
where the doorman awaits
he nods and smiles
As I enter
this wonderful place
I wander around
taking it all in
Wondering when
My welcome wears thin
and lost again
I find a bar
a familiar home
For a drowning
and reality postponed
There were others sitting
in the dark of day
I thought and wondered
what were their stories
And what brought
them here today?
A sultry older woman
caught my eye
She was watching me
Made me nervous
I can’t deny
She said
“Look Honey
“I’ve been watching you
You don’t belong here”
which I knew
Was definitely true
She said “Here”
in a seductive way
Reaching in her purse
So she gave me a dollar
A bright shiny coin
and said “give it a shot”
I paused and thought
And dropped it in
A nearby slot…

The fruit tumble
Shudder and shake
The slot machine
Shudders and quakes
Lights sound
and a siren screams
I made it I think
Its all in sync…
Disbelief as the
commotion roars
people are cheering
For me for a change
A wave of surprise
Then I turn my eyes
To the woman
Who gave me my prize
But she was gone
A phantom once more
Life is different now
No running from the past
I have a stake
Some insurance
A future
That looks vast
My mystery woman
Has no name
So I call her my
Silver Angel

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
The Last Resort

Deep in the desert
The heat distorts
Hardpan fissures
Lead up to the resort
The shape is distant
A cathedral of sorts
It’s a long way ahead
There are women
Lithe and bikini clad
Bronzed by the sun
In the distant haze
It's taken me a while
Been driving for days
The valet waits
As the days heat abates
It’s an oasis in sand
A surprise destination
In this arid land
So thirsty
And tired of this journey
My hands on the wheel
Can’t wait to be free
It’s been a hard life
Imprisoned by strife
But I deserve this
I want it bad
So little chances
I have had
I envision
A paradise
On the horizon
A place in my mind
Away from this prison
This cell of one.
This chair is hard
That I sit in with
A crackling sound
My wrists are bound
I am wearing a hat
To protect me
from the heat.

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