Trip Report Late Fall, Early Winter Trout

These fish don't need too many words to go along with them. I took a solo trip at the end of October and into November. Lots of territory covered over the course of eight days and plenty of solitude, very much needed. Good mixture of rough challenging days, and some gorgeous picturesque ones as well. Some of the best memories of the trip came out of the days with absurd wind and iced up guides. While December is sure to turn out a few more memories, this trip was a great way to help bring 2018 to an end. 003.jpg
001.jpg 002.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 012.jpg 006.jpg 007.jpg 008.jpg 013.jpg 009.jpg 010.jpg 014.jpg 011.jpg

Gawd those brookies!
Yeah man, they raised the bar a little. Might have permanently offset my Brooke expectations on those ones...gonna be hard to beat! Caught four like that and each was a personal best one after another.

Great photographs! Your subject matter posed well for you! Man, the brook trout are absolutely spectacular. Thank you!
I agree, and thanks. They were amazing fish. I give them one chance for a photo and if they don't like it, they're free to leave. There were plenty who gestured rudely with their adipose fin and splashed me right in the glasses before I even got a good look at them myself :)

Nice fish, but that reel’s pretty classy too!
Well done!
Indeed, it's a pretty special reel. I only pull it out for certain locations, but it sure is a pleasure to hear that drag coming out. My favorite fish (on the Winston Perfect) that trip, was a fat 17" bow that took a size 22 midge.

I had fished a streamer that morning and did well, caught 6 or 7 fish up to 20", then decided to stalk some noses that were poking up. Didn't matter how I approached or cast to them, they immediately went down as soon as I did anything resembling a cast. Finally, found a piece of water with almost no current (slight back-eddy) and put my fly over a couple of feeding fish. They went down, but I just left my fly there. Took 3 or 4 minutes and they started popping back up, eventually snatched up my midge. For 17", it was a really strong athletic fish. Jumped half a dozen times and I thought for sure he would throw that barbless #22.

Young Engh

Active Member
Yup that reel is pure class. Hold on to it. Thanks for the report and the pictures. What camera did you use?

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