Trip Report Loreto en la playa – pez gallo

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"Experts” told me that the beach fishing in Loreto was not good …

Lesson learned … experts can be wrong …

Spending two weeks here, and brought a fly rod, figuring “What the heck?” This morning, set the alarm for one hour before sunrise. Had four roosterfish to hand before the sun hit the water. OK, they weren’t big, but they were ROOSTERFISH!

Needless to say, my alarm is set for tomorrow :cool:565CE557-A49A-4CB5-81AD-42D481083C29.jpeg565CE557-A49A-4CB5-81AD-42D481083C29.jpegF6AF8DA9-9A63-417B-9B47-CD6EEB0E064E.jpeg


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The crazy thing is where there is small Roosters there are big ones too.... bigger key is sardinas and bait to crash along the beach.....


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Second the " Heck-yeah! " Years ago I made some brown suede covered soft foam poppers and had a blast with 2 lb roosters on a 6wt.

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