WTB Bass short rod - Sage Bass II Largemouth or Redington Predator 8wt

I kinda throwing this out for next summer and not in a rush to buy.
Looking for a lightly used short rod Sage Bass II Largemouth or Redington Predator 8wt the new version.
PM me if you have one.

Found the rod, but I know someone who is selling his Predator 8wt 7'11" at a very good price.
PM me for his info.
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Good luck with your search. I have a Sage Bass II smallmouth in order which should arrive next week. The rod comes with a hefty 290grain line with it designed specifically for the rod. If you end up picking up the Predator 8wt rod, what line do you plan on using with it? The largemouth Sage rod includes a 330grain line, but is not really for sale except a coue online locations.
I kinda trying to decide between the smallmouth or the largemouth. I am planning to use it mainly for bass for mangrove and redfish as well.
About the line, I have a Sage Bass 230 Line for my Sage Salt 6wt right now that is a blast to use. So, I am going for Sage Bass line again. regardless I am getting the Bass ii or the Predator.
Having fished both I feel that for sheer pulling power the 8 weight Predator is more powerful than the "Smallmouth". With Snook and Redfish and mangroves involved I'd go Predator or "Largemouth".


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On Ebay there is a couple moving through at a shop called desert-sportsman, they are combos though but at least you would get a feel for used market value.
Thank you guys for the insights, I guessed both Largemouth and Predator 8wt will work. I also looked at the Loomis Shorestalker, but their 8wt is at 8'8" which in my opinion not much different than the 9ft rods.

I saw the Ebay one but the combo will just jack the cost up.

Now I am just looking for the right deal for lightly used rod.


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I get some pretty good deals when buying combos, they often dont get as much search exposure as they would as just a rod or just a reel, and the price often reflects its least desirable component. Besides you know of at least two places you can sell a reel you dont want.
I found that the Rio Outbound Short lines work very nicely with the Sage Bass rods....... particularly the #8 330GR with the LM Bass rod. The beauty of the ROS is that they are 100' long vs. 80'. I fused 20' feet of an old Ridge Running line to the LM line. I can make longer casts fishing topwater in open water with the extra 20' added on....... The #7 is only 265 grain so it's a little short of 290 for the Small Mouth rod. Maybe a slight adjustment in overhang to load the rod?
That is a good insight Ocean fish.
Unfortunately i could not get the sage bass ii large mouth. I got the a new predator for a good deal and now looking for sage bass 290 line.

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