Bass and crappie fishing is starting to pick up


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Went out to Lake Ketchum this evening looking for some crappie action. No crappie, caught a couple of perch though. Took off the crappie fly, and tied on a olive and black wooley bugger on a 6 4X hook. Caught 2 small bass right off, picked up a couple of others and had a few strikes. Small about 7-8 inches but pretty scrappy. Fast retrieve up against the shore next to cover and under trees. Funny about the lack of crappie though, talked to a guy who lives on the lake and he hasn't caught any either for a couple of years. The lake use to be pretty good for em' some years back. He said they all got fished out, but I think you should still catch some younger ones. I think they disappeared when the home owners on the lake killed off the water plants. No more lilly pad beds or any underwater plants now. No place to spawn. Picked off a couple of planted trout on the way back to the launch, the trout didn't start to come up until an hour before sunset.
On the weekend I fished clear lake up in Skagit county, and did pretty good on crappie, about three dozen on saturday early in the morning, and about a dozen or so in the afternoon on sunday. Fishing size ten bead head baby buggers in about 4 to 6 feet of water off the dollar pads. Lot of action, but not much size to them, maybe about 6 inches. Light hits most of the time only way I knew a fish took the fly was watching the line move a little to the side. I released all of em'. They're not schooled up so it was a fish here or there. Somewhere in that lake there should be some slabs, but I haven't found em'. Bass are moving into the shallows in Clear lake too, so this weekend that's were I'll be.

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Instead of stripping a fly in for crappie, try moving the line with the rod slowly in about 2 or 3 foot incriments. Because the fish hit so light, it is often much easier to feel the take when you have a tight line. I like to wiggle my rod tip as i move the line, this helps entice stricks. During the pause when u strip in line and move the rod back to the starting position, the fish will often take. When you begin to move the rod again, it will often become slightly heavy. This is a signature take of Mr.Crappie, and its time for a light set with the rod tip. These dudes have soft mouths, so its best to use a forgiving rod and go light on your hooksets. Sometimes you can find bigger crappie by letting the fly sink a little longer than normal and fishing it a little futher off cover than you would normally. The fish like to school up, but often the bigger ones seem to hang lower in the water colum. Sometimes a big bass will also be hanging on the outside of the school, waiting for its next meal.



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Thanks for the tip. I'll try that next time I'm up there. No problem with the soft action rod, for panfish I've been using my old HI 8 foot Mohawk fibreglass rod matched up with an South Bend Oren-O-Matic full auto reel. Can't wait to hook up with an old mossback bucketmouth hog with that outfit!

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