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Hey folks, its been a while since I departed for my homeland (Aus) but work gave me the opportunity to return for a month in Nov. I expected the location (an hour or so east of Reno) was a little sketchy for fly fishing but packed my 5wt Orvis Frequent Flyer and a small bag of gear just in case...

After buying a book on fly fishing Nevada and seeing the Truckee river flowing through Reno (starts at Tahoe, ends in Pyramid Lake) my eyes were opened!

I won’t include too much detail on my first outing except that after failing in 2 locations to acquire a fishing license because I didn’t have my passport on me I opted for the ‘pay for the day’ at Pyramid Lake. After about an hours drive and contributing a further $245 to Nevada’s economy due to speed inattention I pulled on my waders, put my rod together and...packed it all away when I realised my line holding device was still wrapped in socks and underwear to keep it safe on the flight over. Place looked like it had potential but I would have been way undergunned with a 5wt. 70049E2F-C9B4-429C-884A-E833B7D238C7.jpeg
Obtaining a Nevada fishing license as a foreigner deserves it’s own post but I succeeded after making up an identity. Thanksgiving weekend offered 2 days fishing so I jumped in the car and headed south for the Californian border. Beautiful little river renowned for its big browns but with winter well on the way the flows had been reduced to a minimum - things looked tough. The river was either wide and very shallow (3-4 inches) or deep, fast and narrow.

Aussie fly

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Day 1 was blowing a gale - just the thing after not holding a rod for 6 mths. I flailed around for a while and finally elected to go with a cheating technique I’d read about... Cast downstream with a wooly bugger into the slow, shallow water. Strip line out and let it be carried way downstream past any good looking lie then jam the rod tip out across into the fast deep water (usually where the overhang was hopefully holding fish) and strip back in. 1 hookup in 2 hours but lost it before I ever sighted the taker. Of note it appeared I was the only one stupid enough to be out that day.

Day 2 was calmer and sunny as I arrived at about 10 am. 6 hours, about 8 hookups and 3 fish to hand (2 small rainbows and a respectable brown). Most were hooked using the technique from the previous day but I swung up the brown on one of the only real fishy looking pools just below and nice tumbling rapid. Only ran across one couple the entire day - they had reasonable success with high sticking / European Nymphing (?) techniques using tiny beaded nymphs.
Small rainbow:
The brown:
Sorry about the quality - GoPro screen grab:
Brown release:
Another rainbow - small but put a bend in the rod: 1CCAB89C-B583-4DEE-BA3C-7C6436032271.png
Posing without a fly on the line - it’s in the tree branches somewhere:

Aussie fly

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Apart from the fishing I really enjoyed the spectacular scenery.
Clear, shallow water:
Where we stayed: 904334F8-4F22-461F-AB99-D376921E4C21.jpeg
This included a trip to the ghost town of Bodie. The road had been closed for the last couple of miles due snow so I got an added workout walking in.
Another I lost:
Goodbye USA. Until next time:

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