FS Spey Lines and Single handed line


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Two lines that I purchased for a Sage One 7136, which was sold to purchase a Meiser MKX 5 wt. Buyer was not interested in these lines. Both are in near new condition.

Steve Godshall Scandoid Intermediate 441 grains 29.5 ft good for tips upto 15’ and 95 gr. $35. Sold

Airflo Scandi Compact -450 grain $30

I have two other lines that are also for sale:

SA Distance Spey 730 gr. Great shape, just too much line for my current skill level. $ 30. Used with a 14’ 7/8 ARE UHM and Loop Evotech MF 9 wt.

Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Saltwater line 11 wt. $30 will consider trading for similar salt water line in near new condition in a 10 wt. or 7 wt.

I plan to pick up a Ballistic Vector in 350 gr. and will be using the proceeds from these lines to offset some of the cost. If any of you looking at this thread have one to unload, please send me a PM

Price includes shipping to Continental U.S. you pay the added paypal fees. 9CB4DBE5-B3D3-48C1-8A73-6670DC913FB5.jpeg
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