Wanted Buying a Winston Rod for a 9 Year Old


Our nine-year-old has been tying flies and selling them here and there for quite a while and recently started selling flies on this site. Some amazing members stepped up to help him - confirming there is a lot of good in the world. So, Thank you so much if you bought some of Carter's flies - this group is terrific.

Anyway, he has collected 245 dollars and wants to buy a rod since we are going trout fishing next week. I told him I'd add a bit of money to what he has saved but for the most part, it's on him. He is set on buying a used Winston since it's what I fish. In the past encouraged him to keep using his casting rod until he saved enough to buy a fly reel and a rod. About 3 months ago he bought a Hardy fly reel, so now he thinks he is close enough to start sniffing the water for a rod. He plans to keep making flies for sale.

Take care and have a brilliant new year.
I have had a couple of Winston rods. At one time, I had a Winston Passport. It was a lower end rod but was nevertheless, a very fine casting rod. You might consider that for a first rod for someone who will eventually surpass us all in skill and choices.


Hey, thanks for the thoughts and we are at that stage with Carter. I am in my mid 50's with a nine-year-old boy I can't chase and daughter 21, graduating from MU in the spring. Same wife poor family planning. Anyway, he has watched me make flies and fish from the time he was born and for whatever reason now lives to tie flies and fish. It has been a zebco up until now he's been saving his money for this rod. I guess I have always fished Winston's for quality - the same reason I farm J. Deere's. God bless you in 2019 sir.


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Enjoy that special bond with your son! My son hates fishing, and I so badly wish he would enjoy it.


Thanks for the help men, Carter bought a rod from "ScottBS", i.e. Biix 590 been fished hard but still life left. $250. He had 250 to spend and even though the rod has been used hard, it will work fine and I won't worry about him dropping it or doing whatever 9-year-olds due to nice equipment. Thanks

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