Your Favorite Fish of 2018


Indi "Ira" Jones
A couple good days on a spring trip with @Irafly

A classic chironomid bite one day with some real nice ones to the net. View attachment 188004

View attachment 188005
Another day the rain never ceased but a flurry of WDFW's spare "steelhead" made for a great time. I think half are mine and half are Ira's in the photo. All fish were caught within ~3 min.
View attachment 188006
I had all three of these pictures in mind myself. That first fish was such a freaking pig and that flurry of "steelhead" that we didn't even net all of. We could have claimed a limit in about 5 minutes of fishing... for about an hour or so.

Rob Allen

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In June, our 20 year old yellow lab passed. The event ripped our hearts out and trampled all over them. I called in to work and said i wouldn't be in for a couple days.
We buried her high up on our property so she could see the river. We couldn't stand to be in the house, evidence of her life was everywhere. So we grabbed a couple rods and started driving. We ended up heading south with only the vague notion of checking out the Donner & blitzen river. We spent the night in Burns Oregon trying not to cry as a storm went through. In the morning we worked our way through the Malhuer wildlife refuge, saw lots of cool birds but found the river to be high and brown. We fished anyway and got a few small trout to take hopper patterns. We wet waded and dang is that a cold river. We gave up on fishing and headed further south, no clue where we were going. We stopped at a hole in the wall town to get burgers. While the gal grilled our food we pulled out the map but nothing looked that interesting.
My wife asked the cook if there was any fishing around. She told us to go to the refuge , we told her that we had just come from there so she told us there was a creek just down the road and there might be spots wide enough to fish. So, we headed that direction without a lot of real hope. We found the creek and followed it through private ranch land and stopped when the fences ended.
The first pool was a 90 degree elbow with a straight shot upstream from the road to a slot that looked maybe 2 feet deep. First cast a large trout gernaded on the hopper i threw but i missed. 3 casts later the fish took again and i missed. 4 times that fish tried to ravage that fly before i hooked it.
Beautiful 16 inch rainbow. Much larger than i would have anticipated for that little creek and soo aggressive.
We carefully worked our way through the brush to another pool, this was the snakeiest looking place i have ever been but we saw none.
We found a beaver dam and it was my wife's turn to fish. Nothing in the pool but at it's head was a riffle. We positioned and she made the cast. A huge nose broke the surface and she set. The fish shot past us headed down river through a crack in the dam and it was gone. A new bug and another cast brought the same exact results. I guesstimated both those fish 20+. We moved to the next pool and found more barbwire and figured it was private so we got back in the car and drove. We never found more access to that stream but had a beautiful drive and ended up in Boise.
In 3 days we buried our companion of 12 years ,cried a ton ,drove a ton of miles, landed one sizable trout and healed some.

oops upon looking at it, that's the wrong picture, that's a Deschutes rainbow from the salmon fly hatch

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Dave Boyle

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I dont’ know about y’all but i am picking @Dave Boyle as MY favorite fish. Can i choose a favorite of someone else’s? What ARE the rules anyway.
Haha, you’re too kind JoJo,

I’m the class clown, there’s a lot a great fish pics on here already and by the end of the week it’ll be really cool.


Here’s my best, a nice BC lake fish of ~25”, it was going crazy in the net, the hook fell out so I just let it go. I have a half written report I need to complete sometime


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