Your Favorite Fish of 2018


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I had a great year with tons of memorable fish. Spent a lot of time on the water. Did a lot of learning. These are a few of my favorites. First BIG bull. First bone on the fly. DIY St John. Wild hen on the Deschutes hours before the end of the year and close of the season.8C11ECA3-9FF7-458A-BDA5-10D816826043.jpeg8C11ECA3-9FF7-458A-BDA5-10D816826043.jpegD21C5BB2-0F63-4A6B-BABD-6BB066B72C0D.jpegF0E4DE3A-DFA6-4F7A-A6FC-72FE5B92BE06.jpeg

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Be vewy vewy qwiet, I'm hunting Cutthwoat Twout
In 2018 I started using a Tenkara rod, and it was a very fun and productive year. The largest trout I've ever caught on the WA Deschutes (have caught a possibly larger Whitefish) was the 2nd fish on my first Tenkara outing, in early May with the river running higher than I normally like to fish it.
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Here is my entry. My soon to be step daughter, 10yrs old. Nailed this brown trout on the fire hole river all by herself. Made a great cast and stuck it with no help at all. Made even better by the fact that two A-hole guys butted right on top of her and basically tried to muscle her out of the hole. She caught it right in their faces, they got nothing lol