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The weather is something i watch...Here in SW has been exceedingly warm for the season...Ellen just emailed me and looked at a long range forecast...We are going to plant some cool weather and short grow time Asian greens and arugula...Normally we just wait it out until March and I put up the greenhouse and get heat in it and plant main spring and summer seed...Looks much warmer here until sometime in Feb...warmer is 4igh 40's to mid 50's F...
... a sure sign that an as yet to be seen cold snap is just around the corner... ;):p
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A lot of these west coast storms are being blocked by a stationary High pressure set up over Utah. The result is here in Montana we've been having a milder and drier than average winter. Yesterday it was 50º here. The record high is 56º.

This is an article from the Billings Gazette this morning. I posted it as a separate thread before I saw this one. In the past these El Ninos translate to low and warm summer flows and lots of wild fires. If it follows the pattern of previous El Ninos like this, the Spring fly fishing is amazing, but August and even the end of July will suck.

Mild winter means average runoff for Missouri River

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Yesterday we had a high of 25 degrees. This morning when I got up and on the computer it was minus 3 degrees. I'm not in the heat wave of Trapper. We had fog yesterday morning and it froze the night before. so we had frost all over the place yesterday.. It's now 5 degrees, and the frost is still around. Everything has a coating of ice.


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I've owned that truck since early 1997. I lived only about 2 1/2 miles from my job at the marina so not many commute miles and, after getting married in 2011, we usually just take the wife's newer sedan. The truck is now the boat towin', campin' and fishin' rig.


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I'm going to keep tabs on this thread so we can return to it when our abundant snowpack melts off two months early and the forest are on fire.

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Well...we are almost there...

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