FS Grundens Dark and Stormy jacket 3xl

Nick Clayton

WFF Supporter
I've owned this for about a year but only worn it maybe ten times.

Grundens Dark and Stormy jacket in the Dark Slate color. This is a 3xl but it runs pretty small. I have a couple 2xl Simms jackets and this fits just a tad more snug on me than the Simms 2xl.

Very nice rain jacket. Not marketed as a wading jacket, but it fits in length and such just like most Simms wading jackets I've worn.

No rips or tears. Zippers all work great.

400 dollar retail on this jacket. I'm asking $125

PayPal preferred. I'll cover PayPal fees, buyer pays shipping

Sorry for the lame pics. I had trouble getting a decent pic of the whole thing

20190108_213200.jpg 20190108_213314.jpg 20190108_213253.jpg

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