Upper columbia river

Hey ty for info. How is Gary these days. Hope he is still wetting line. I think he fished side water and channels. Startling to sound scary, do u have any suggestions for area? Tell him hi for me!! Thanks
I haven't seen Gary for a few months but I understand from a mutual friend who also worked at the Morning Hatch that he is doing well though aging like the rest of us. I don't think he fishes much these days. Our last trip to Lake Lenice was fun but taxing. The three of us were pretty well worn out after.


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I would think that one day with a guide would not do it; at least for me. I've spent 8 full days with guides and wouldn't attempt it. Even though most of the fishing is near shore, the water is so swift that it would be easy to be swept well down stream without the ability to get back. As I recall, and I'm getting older, there aren't many side channels and there are a few eddies, one in particular, that if you miss the re-entry, you're down stream in a heartbeat. Best to contact a guide or go with the experience of the Evening Hatch. It isn't cheap but what is a life worth? I would also recommend Steven Bird's book Upper Columbia Fly Fisher if you want information about the seasons and types of fishing. He lives there and guides for Jack periodically. He fishes out of a raft, however, while Jack uses sleds with big motors. The fish are very big at times and it's worth the trip if you can foot the bill. Food's not bad either.
Steve's the real deal. Felt like i was fishing with Geirach


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I've seen whirlpools up there swallow 100 ft logs in June.
A few years ago, in Deadman's Eddy, we saw a suck hole open up and swallow a 16' log that probably escaped from Castlegar. Several seconds later it shot straight up in the air.:eek:
If your going to try it in a pontoon boat my suggestion would be to stay in the launch bay at Northport
and even that has some weird currents.
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I did a deer hunt on the Kelly Hill unit last fall. I camped one nite on the Columbia river side down closer to the Kettle river confluence. The Columbia river was huge and moving even that low, not lake like at all.
I didn't fish the Columbia there, very little shore access and it got deep very quick from shore.
I did fish the Kettle above slack water and it was awesome, clear, free flowing, big trout rising. I got my ass handed to me, I just could not get any trout to take my fly, no matter

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