WTB New Wading Boots, Simms or another high quality boot...

Yet, don't want to pay an arm and a leg for them. I am not sure what has driven the price up on Wading boots. Yet, when you take a close look
at their construction - not much to them. Anyway, I live at
Mike Bartig
15224 Hills Road
Kearney, MO
I wear a size 11 yet, 12 seems to work just fine


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No matter what brand boots, I always thin aqua seal down a bit with some toluene and coat all the stitching to help reduce wear.
Thanks for the idea to seal the boots - I guess wearing anything in fast-moving water is not going to withstand it long. The reviews are right on and help. Wishing ya a 9lb bow in 2019
I need one too, it is hard to find Patagonia on clearance or at least at a price that is truly less when one considers shipping etc...

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