FS Scientific angler system 2la 890

Came as part of a big collection of fishing stuff so don’t have any history on this. Reel with spare spool in mint/near new condition. Labelled as made in England and I thought I heard/read that it could have been made by hardy back when but please do your research as I don’t know. Comes with backing and a floating line and a sinking line. There are labels on the spools for the lines but don’t know if they are still accurate. SA mastery wf-8-f steelhead and SA Wet Tip wf-300F/S freshwater. $125 + shipping. 9B693292-F3A0-4A3C-A04E-075325B46184.jpeg 48EF9899-EE45-4D05-B94F-6489EFB299BD.jpeg 74672087-5C83-49F8-8EAA-AF9234593CB7.jpeg EA2261D7-2B50-4F15-A079-9F0FA4008DA1.jpeg B61302D9-6175-4AD0-ABE3-A0F309BB07CE.jpeg