Trip Report Fly Fishing the Salt with South Sound Skiffs


So I felt like I needed a day off and Nick Clayton of South Sound Skiffs was offering a great deal on the forum to guide folks, so it seemed like the perfect reason not to go to work on Monday. Boy was I right! Not only was it a great day to be on the water weather wise, but a great day to spend with an expert showing me the ropes on fishing for SRC and Coho in the salt. Although I managed to lose my share of hookups, we did manage to land some very nice SRC and a couple Coho too. We fished basically sun up till sun down pretty hard and time passed in what seemed like a couple hours at most. The day was a real treasure and now I am pretty sure I need either a Scott Radian or Meridian after thoroughly field testing both rods.
If you think you might like to try fishing the salt on the fly, I highly recommend giving Nick a call. You cant make a better choice as he obviously loves to share his passion for this fishery. I hope to repeat again soon.



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Hey Mark.... Found the coho we were looking for the other day :)

Great video Nick. I think stuff like that is so much cooler than watching a guy catch a fish. The older I get the more fun it is for me to just watch fish or game just doing what they do, in a natural setting. My favorite is watching salmon and trout crashing bait right up on the beach. Almost more fun than catching them, almost :).

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