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How many of you Seattlites are (or have) driving the viaduct one last time today?
Me, I may be tempted to stop or drive slow, break the law and take photos of the wonderful view of Puget Sound while I drive. I am really going to miss the view which quite often prompted thoughts of fly fishing on the sound or in the Olympic Peninsula. In late September it provided a vantage point when I could imagine salmon beginning their return to the rivers to spawn and imagine these waters over 150 years ago when the runs were incredible as well as a super abundance of other native fish. Being a 68 year old Seattle native and driving on the viaduct to work over the last 14 years, it’s truly going to be missed. Now, whenever I have grand children, I can tell them about driving on it and what the views were like. For myself, this viaduct will be missed more for its views versus its convenience.


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I worked for a construction company that had its office on the 1st level of the Pike hill climb and drove the viaduct frequently. My last memory of the viaduct was being on the 21st floor of the Columbia Tower when the Nisqually earthquake hit. First thing we did when the shaking stopped was to look out the window to see if the viaduct was still standing.


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I travel to Seattle and work onsite at my co. about every 2 months or so. I cancelled my trip to Seattle because of the viaduct closure. I wasn't worried about traffic because I take light rail from the airport and stay in a company apartment close to work, but, most of the people in my office are going to work from home, so that kind of defeats the purpose of being onsite.

I hope the traffic isn't as bad as they're predicting. I remember one summer afternoon when the viaduct was closed. I was still living in Everett and commuting to Seattle. My bus was 2 hours late that day.... good times...


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Not to be a downer about the new tunnel but....
I think there are going to be some major accidents right where you enter the tunnel heading north.
There is a fairly good slope down into the tunnel and it looks like the tunnel kind of curves to the west just as you enter, creating kind of a blind corner.
Unless speeds are really slow entering the tunnel, if traffic gets backed up in there it doesn't look like folks will have much time to react before they rear end someone.
Just how I see it driving by that entrance all the time.
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Now you are all going to tell me that the tunnel is earthquake proof.. I can see a Earthquake happening and the tunnel filled with cars and the tunnel walls crack and the sound comes rushing in. Lots of dead people.

Wasn't the Waterfront built on back fill?? Also how many lanes is that tunnel wide??
Definitely going to effect my Tacoma to Seattle commute, but I can adjust my timing if needed. I agree with NWflyfisher, it really was a great view of the Olympics. Was on the viaduct the other day and itching for my first run out there next week.

At least we'll spend billions on a new waterfront so the hobos can set up new tent encampments with great views.

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