FS 7 Big Orvis Super Strong Tippet spools, plus holder


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There was a guy on my local Craigslist who posted that he had a lot of fly fishing stuff for sale, so of course I had to go over to his house to see what he had.

Story goes that he and his brother thought they would "get into" fly fishing, so they bought a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff! I wanted the unused Simms G3 raincoat that was part of their collection, but I had to buy everything else to get the coat. No picking allowed. Buy everything or nothing, he said.

The guy had rods and reels and waders and wading boots and flats boots, and nets and a sling pack and a pack/vest combo and wader bags and tons of tools and geegaws--all of it unused or maybe used once. Simms, Abel, Fishpond, Wm Joseph--the list goes on an on.

So I had to buy everything in order to get the Simms rain jacket. Always wanted one but could never afford one. I'm selling all the other stuff to recoup my costs and hope to get the jacket for free.

Here's seven spools of Orvis Super Strong Tippet spools in the 75- or 100-yard size. Spools are very full, possibly totally full. It doesn't appear that any of this guys stuff was ever used. Weird.

Orvis gets $11.95/spool

$35. Free CONUS shipping. Paypal or personal check.

Please check out the other stuff I have posted. I'll leave it up for a few weeks before heading over to the dreaded ebay.

Thank you



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Need any other NEW stuff? I can ship all together...
I have
Simms Folding wading staff.
Fishpond Vest/pack
Fishpond waders bag/duffle bag
Orvis Sling back
Orvis XXL Guide SIlver SOnic waders
Orvis Ultral light Boots w/ cleats, size 13
Orvis Flats boots, size 12

Other stuff too.

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