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I am new to Washington and have just gotten settled, and I am looking for some fun trout fishing. A couple of guys where I work were talking about making a trip up the Skykomish this weekend. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for the Sky? Any areas to try? Everyone's input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I fish the Sky for steelhead, not trout. If you are looking for trout within an hours drive of Seattle here are a couple ideas: (1) West Fork of the Miller River. Exit Stevens Pass highway at Money Creek campground and head up Miller River Road (Forest Road 6410) until it crosses the West Fork of the Miller River. The West Fork is a small pool and drop stream loaded with cutthroat 6-10 inches. (2) The Taylor River. Head up the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Road out of North Bend until you cross the Taylor River. You can fish downstream or upstream. The best fishing is away from the bridge. The Taylor River is catch and release and has a good population of cutthroat.

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THere are Steelhead in the river also. Also in the area of the Miller river is the Foss,Beckler,Rapid,Tye Rivers and there is also Money creek. But you have to fish the lower portions of Money creek as sometimes in the hot summer months the upper creek dries up.

Fished them all but Like the Beckler,Rapid And Foss in that order.


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