Swinging nymphs for white fish?

With nearly everything closed near the Tri-cities and having the urge to try out a new rod, can anyone share with me any experiences that you have had trying to swing white-fish flies on a light spey rod this time of the year? I am considering going up to the Vernita area and give it a try. I just want to get out, but it might be wiser to get some yard chores done now so when fishing opens up later, if it does, I won’t have so many chores to do first. Any thoughts?
Not to hot spot, but there is a "K" river about 110 miles west of your location that has a pretty decent population of large whitefish. I swing them with a single hander. I locate them with an indicator and then figure how to get them on the swing. If you're not interested in harvesting them just swing away. No crowds to deal with and the river is around 900 cfm and very fishable. Tom
Swinging for whitefish? I discovered they like beaded prince nymphs. I guess I was Euro nymphing for them on a 8 wt before I even knew Euro nymphing was. My early steelhead days when I was young and stupid.
I bobber them to limit, and brine and smoke those delicious little things.
Did this yesterday in the last bit of light after spending the day looking for something bigger. Thanks for the brine thoughts later in this thread.

WDM = Whitefish Death Machine photo below.

10' 4weight CTS blank built into a super light pin rod, Young's Super Lightweight reel, 6lb floating mono, very small slip float, then 4X to a #12 Pheasant tail w/ tungsten bead on a jig hook and a #14 Copperjon trailer.


Ian Horning

Powerbait Entomologist
I grew up in southern Idaho. On the South Fork of the Snake River around Heise in the summer we could always tell when we had a white fish on instead of a trout because the white fish fought harder.
Whitefish fight as good as just about any trout I've fought, pound for pound. A 3wt with a light indicator, a split shot or two, and weighted nymphs or a pegged bead and it's game on. In my experience whitefish are active fighters and often jumpers. When you get into the 14" + chunks it's a lot of fun.

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