FS Dave Scadden "Signature Series" Freestyle H3 Pontoon

Dave Scadden "Signature Series" Freestyle H3 Pontoon with Outcast "pin style" oar locks and oars. High quality product, super [email protected] 14 lbs.! Very lightly used. No holes. Holds air super tight. Back support is superior to the current models on the market today and has a hard shell seat with inflatable cushion to make this very comfotable all day on the water. Adjustable straps for back support which inflates separately. Roberts Halkey values. Polyurethane bladders. This boat would easily sell for much more today new. I am not the original owner and now selling to make room in my garage. Way too many toys. This boat is ideal if you are suffering from creaky knees. Greatly reduces fatigue by giving your legs a rest. I added Outcast pin style oar locks to this boat which were welded to PVC backing by the Outcast folks (and cost me $100). I had an upholstery shop stitch marine ----rated Velcro to the outer shell which the oar locks fasten to. Oar locks are totally removable and can be replaced with two Scotty rod holders which are also set up to be attached inside the cargo bags (see photo). Scotty base plate and base hardware included for one fly rod. Scotty rod holder and flyrod in photo NIC. Removable leg rest. Boat measures 6 feet in length by 40 inches at widest point. This boat was the earlier model for the Outlaw Predator (and originally retailed for $800). Asking $350. Add $50 for shipping CONUS. Paypal ok. IMG_20190112_161144400 (2) - Copy.jpg IMG_20190112_161203182 - Copy.jpg IMG_20190112_161212811.jpg IMG_20190112_161844144.jpg IMG_20190112_161859432.jpg


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