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Adam Saarinen

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Moving into this new apartment next month. It's on the ground floor & built in 2010 with all mod cons & 2 large terraces, have to build some kind of a fence for the large one because it's next to the street, but the smaller one is gonna be a nice place to let my tube & waders dry! sketch-1566250267022.png


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Garden Kimchi. Time to ferment 3 days or more. View attachment 206785
@b_illymac - I'm very interested in your kimchee recipe! We like to fix ochazuke for breakfast and some kimchee on the dish is nice.....



We were out of the country for almost all of June and the first week of July. The garden suffered with lack of attention but we did get some nice garlic (harvested in July) which has really spiced up fresh pesto (the basil survived and did well).


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My gardening has been a disaster this year. It started when my tomato plants got something that caused the lower leaves to curl. They didn't grow very much after that, so very little fruit has come from them. Then the bird netting over my strawberries and blueberries had enough of a gap that birds got almost all the strawberries and one of the blueberry bushes. I got maybe half a quart off the other bush.

Except for the tomatoes that have their own little cold frame or greenhouse, my veggie garden is in raised beds inside a deer exclosure. The fencing is this black plastic 1-inch grid stuff that has worked for 5 years. Except it's more of a deterrent than an absolute barrier. Deer are strong and can break through the stuff if they want. That hasn't been the main problem though. Damn rabbits have become a real pest. They can and do chew through the deer fence. I thought I had patched up any holes, only to find more. Little Bunny Foo Foo keeps any green beans from happening by eating all the leaves and buds that would become beans, so I have a nice crop of bean stems that haven't had a chance since early July. One rabbit, probably pregnant, has been trying to dig a nest hole in the lettuce patch, but I've discouraged her by using my slingshot a few times. Apparently the rabbits have acquired a taste for onions, because I have maybe 8 or 9 onion plants surviving, barely. Amazingly, the carrots have done well. No Bugs Bunny amongst their ranks, I guess. I bought some 1 x 2" grid wire to surround the bottom of the exclosure perimeter, but that's mainly for next year's gardening efforts.

Oh, and pollenization weren't a happening thing here this spring. My prune tree has zero prunes, and my apple tree that began producing last year has only 4 apples this year. I have a 2-year old self-pollenizing honeycrisp apple tree - that a deer got after when it got in the yard this spring - that is off to a good start with a couple dozen or so apples.

If things don't change around here, my primary gardening produce is going to be venison and rabbit stew in the coming seasons. Oh, and a pile of dink birds that don't pay heed to my bird netting.

Jim Wallace

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My veggie gardening this year was an experiment, and the results were tolerable. I made some mistakes, in my experimentation, but did get lucky, and I re-learned some forgotten lessons.
I planted my rows of bush peas too close together in a raised bed. It became a tangled jungle, but I enjoyed the harvest, although the mosquitoes lurked in the pea patch and ambushed me every time I watered them or picked them. They are all done now.
I made the same mistake with my bush beans, but they weren't quite so crowded, and I just harvested the last of them yesterday. I'd thought they were done, but I noticed about a dozen or so nice purple string beans that I had missed. Now I see some of the bean plants trying to flower again and produce more beans. I will spare those from the inevitable hoeing for the time being.
My Pac Choi planted inside a large inverted tire in a spiral formation, was a success. It grew well earlier in the year and provided me with my favorite greens for several weeks. It was bolting by the end of June, and I finished it off in early July.
My summer squash harvest, grown inside of inverted tires, was so-so. I won't do those inside tire planters any more. In fact, I am abandoning the use of inverted tires as planters.
I did get about a dozen nice zuke from one plant, and a bunch of yellow summer squash from three of those plants. My two Acorn squash plants have each produced one squash so far. One of them was funny looking, but was good eating. The other is still on the vine, and I notice more blossoms.
My apple tree, which produces a variety called Yellow Transparant, had well over a hundred apples on it, and the deer got most of those, as usual. They've been raiding my tree ever since they first discovered it. I have some apples going mushy in my fridge, and I throw about 10 of those out under the apple tree each night for the deer. Only 2 more nights worth left. The deer quit coming when hunting season starts. I heard a rifle shot from just to the south of me, two evenings ago right at dusk. Poacher?
I don't have problems with rabbits. I rarely see one in my neigborhood, and haven't noticed any in a couple of years. I did notice a native Wood Rat once, also called Pack Rat, out near my wood piles. Haven't seen it since, and have no problems with rodents. I have managed to trap or poison any deer mice that try to invade my garage.
My blueberry bushes could have had more water. The largest bush really put out a lot of berries this year, over 2 quarts, but the others were kind of disappointing. I just finished those off.
The Robbins, Crows, and other birds did not take too much, and I haven't ever had to defend against birds, other than to yell at the Crows...a pathetic endeavor, to be sure.
I'm going to get a bed ready for planting garlic, and build a couple of new raised beds for Spring planting. Due to using only scrap lumber that I already have, they will be only 9' long, and 4' wide. The first two new beds will have reasonably high sides @ 22" so I can get a soil depth of 20" - 21" but I will also make some shallower ones (16.5" high sides, filled with 15" of soil) for veggies that grow with shallower root systems.

Meanwhile, back to caulking and painting prep.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Good opportunity to get two with one shovel plunge. Those are not native Banana Slugs, but some kind of illegal aliens, so they should be deported, or put to death. Before I logged on, while only viewing the thumbnail shot, I thought that it was maybe the result of a neighbor's dog showing love to the garden, like what happens at my place.
I invented a game of target practice using slugs flicked off the end of old bicycle spokes (spring steel). Its kind of like playing horeshoes, except competitors face off at 20 paces and stand behind 12" diameter targets fixed at chest height.



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Bugs have basically destroyed all the leaves on my brussel sprouts. But there are small sprouts on the stalk. will the sprouts grow without the leaves, or are they toast. Never grown brussel sprouts. Thanks

Skip Enge

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Shit is stuff is ripening and shit...weird how that happens every year for 45 years...Maybe pics later...I am distracted this year cuz I am in LUB and getting married, moving to town and designing yet another garden, this I hope will be my last one...leeks and favas and biennial Broccoli up...garlic of course...

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
Found a praying mantis in the kitchen...putting in the garden...picked Dow Gauk some tomatoes...late this year.,.Red Prince one of my crosses i have been saving seed from...F4 this year...Hungarian black peppers...losy asparagus year...My Asian lemon drop peppers are going to be real late too...Oca is surviving the deer nipping I caged them so they appear tip pruned into a cylindrical shape Ha! The ramps are seeding and will gradually multiply...Garlic was harvested and replanted, favas and leeks are up for over wintering...No pics worthy of this thread yet...


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Everything is coming in on schedule here, had tons of shallots, garlic good, tomatillos in pots were 5' tall and loaded....peppers doing great in containers, Serrano especially well. Walla Walla onions did great, some real large specimens this year, great for sauces and such. All beans did well, loved the new filet bean.
Tomatoes right up there....lots of saucers this week, the next pick will be even better.


Love this time of year, and love gardening.

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