FS Sage XP 890 2 piece

Selling a Sage XP 890 2 piece Graphite IIIe. Comes with a Sage tube (not original) and rod sock. This rod is like new and has only been casted at a park and not fished. This rod was replaced by Sage after I broke my Sage SP (sad day). Really enjoy casting the rod just reducing my rod inventory. $350 obo local pick up, or $370 shipped Conus. Cash or PayPal.

A review of the rod states

“Pick up one of the fast action XP rods and the first thing you'll notice is the almost magical lightness in your hand. Fish an XP and, simply put, it will come alive. The XP Series rods load quickly, generate tremendous line speed and pick up large amounts of line with ease. Don't be deceived by the power of these rods made with Graphite IIIe, giving them exceptional sensitivity for more delicate work as well. Spend a little time with an XP, and you'll see why the instrument of choice whenever crisp, precise line control is a must. XP rods are the standard by which all other fast-action fly rods are judged.” fly rod review.com

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