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There's always missed or wrong calls in just about every pro game. Nature of the sport.

But when a missed or bad call can dictate the winners of championship games, they damned well better have the best refs in the league and they all better be on the same page.

I remember in the past when refs called pass interference when there really wasn't any. Now it seems that they let things go that they shouldn't ... like a guy basically tackling a receiver without looking for the ball in the least.

Ive is correct. The refs should professionally paid and just as much a oart of the NFL as are the players. The part-time thing for the refs is absurd when you consider the money tossed around the league for everyone else but the refs. Perhaps the NFL is getting exactly what it pays for and now is the time to change that tactic.
Average NFL ref salary is $173k, so I don't think that's the fucking problem.


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Yeah, he got blasted. Zero chance he could develop enough delta vee on his own to get anywhere near that ball. This just isn't why the Saints lost.
We are going to have to agree to disagree. I can't see how that ball could possibly be viewed as uncatchable. Furthermore in all the clippings and readings I haven't seen any mention of the ball being uncatchable from others opinions as a defence to the no call.

It was a historically bad no call in a pivotal moment of the game imho...
Funny that on a high traffic fishing website that some would choose to berate others for caring about a game. Who gives a crap if someone takes it seriously? How many people out there think we are all absolutely nuts for putting so much care and thought into trying to trick a stupid fish that we are most likely just going to release anyway?

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You guys are showing all the Saint's bad plays. Do you all think the Rams are saints and don't fuck up any time. How come they don't show the Rams bad play's. I gave up watching football. Because of people like Dimbright. He blasts the screen with shit nobody seems to care about. I just think if I put him on my ignore list most of this crap would disappear. I think I will take my own advice.

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