WTB 6wt sink tip streamer line.

Johnathon Quarrell

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Looking for a streamer line for my 10’ 6 wt for fishing medium to large trout streamers. Sink tip variety preferred. I prefer Airflo lines but I’m open to others.




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Hi John. I just saw this. I sold my 6/wt reel. And saved the line ..
Sci angler wet tip wf-6-f/s. UltrA lll wet tip. Sink rate lll.
I will never use it. 15.00. ?? It costs 5.00 to ship it. The rates went up
Teeny Galloup Streamer line type 8 for 6-7 wt rods. NIB $30 plus shipping. Thought this was a tip but it's a full sink line,sorry.. I think Airflo makes his ( Galloup's) streamer lines now in sink tip.
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How about a Rio Outbound Short Sink Tip WF6i/s?

Never been off of the factory spool. Box is worn from kicking around in drawers.

$30 to your door?

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