SBS Tom Thumb

zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
I had some Tom Thumbs in my flybox when I went home to PA one year. The bass had never seen a fly like that and preferred them 16 to 1 over the woolly buggers that I thought would be the hot fly.
A beautiful tie as always Scott, I am jealous of your skills and abilities with all that you tie.

Is it ok to put a SHAN coat or mono wrap over the deer hair to toughen it up? I used to tie raccoons with deer hair and while great fish catchers on occasion, they got thrashed pretty fast, sometimes a fly per fish. I now use Antron or other synthetics.

The herl too adds to the fragility. I assume a counterwrap to secure would do this but I wonder if I’m too cautious or weight screws up the fly or it’s profile?

Do folks care or does this affect the fly?