FS Winston Twin Bridges 8.0' 5 WT Pre-IM6 Mint


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$450 shipped to conus. I’ve seen these sell for much more. Pics in a separate post below.

Here is one you don't see every day and certainly not in this condition!

It is the 2 piece version, neon green sock and grey Twin Bridges stickered aluminum tube. The cap reads(but faded) Size8' #5 WT, Handle Cigar, Seat Walnut, Serial 104XX. This also has the trophy stamp on it with made in Montana designation. I can not emphasize the spectacular condition of this rod for its age, hell any age! It’s like new. Not a mark on it.

Anyway, serial number 104XX, which denotes this was built on the Fisher blank, and in excellent condition (9/10). The serial puts this legendary rod around 87' and it just was a closet queen all of it's life. Obviously, this is a Tom Morgan designed rod and has the same taper as the IM6 and WT series that followed.

I’ve cast a TMF, loved the action for dry flies but they are impossible to find so I had to try and get another similar legendary Winston. I don’t want to sell but my family situation is changing and I can’t justify having collectors rods I don’t use.
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I thought the WT model designation was used when they started rolling there own blanks. After Fisher and Loomis. Maybe someone can clarify this.


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I just watched this rod model sell on ebay for $575. I am thinking of selling mine. I love this rod but I have a 7.5 ft and an 8.5 ft im6 too.

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