FS Winston Twin Bridges 8.0' 5 WT Pre-IM6 Mint

Do you think it’s possible Winston replaced th tube a while back? This rod has probably had a few owners in its 30 years. Yes, the rod has been fished, but by the looks of it not much. Have fun finding an unfished example and if you do, it would be over a grand. Thanks for thread shitting though. I’ll lower the price for anyone liking to buy it given the given th incorrect tube. Anyone except this guy.
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I think you are confused. The catalog ain’t for sale bro!
I am confused because I thought bigtj was saying above that "tube is original and 100% correct" based on his review of the 1987 catalog, which seems like it would be helpful to the seller and any buyers, but then the seller responds with an angry reply suggesting that Winston may have replaced the tube at some point after all.
No I don’t think the tube was replaced by Winston. As I say d it is correct. If the lid says it is a WT model then maybe you have the wrong lid for it. If you post a pic of that would be glad to confirm

You are right truly unfished condition rods without a mark on them as you say above are hard to come by but I when they do I haven’t seen any sale records to say they are getting $1,000. These days the market for classic tackle is soft so prices are down 20% from a couple years ago. Your pics above don’t really match your description of your rod’s condition but that’s the nice thing about pics they speak for themselves.
AndrewDC the seller posted last night that my catalog shots were against forum rules and needed a price. It was then edited to what you see above including the discussion about condition. I was trying to set the record straight about the tube. I should probably have just stayed out of the conversation.

If the lid is incorrect it shouldn’t affect the price whatsoever just take the incorrect sticker off and clean it up with denatured alcohol it is not a big deal.
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It does sort of have a twilight zone feel to it.

At least the seller is getting free bumps out of it. Somebody please buy this rod!

David Loy

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I’ve read many posts on the web discussing the merits of WInston IM6, pre IM6 and WTs. My untested theory is that, blindfolded, few if any could tell the difference. I’d like to try someday, but I can swear that my 8’6” #5 WT is a fantastic fishing rod. I’m sure this one is too.
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They are all great fishing tools, however I could definitely tell if it was a Pre-IM6 in my hands. the most full flexing of them all. These rods are highly collectable and I have a few and have sold many over the years. I have a 9 1/2' 7 wt Fisher blank that has a scrimshaw reel seat by Ginny Hall of mayfly on willow branch. True work of art. Could use a 5 wt line on it easily. These rods more so than others are worth the most when in mint condition.
+1 to what Clint said. You can definitely feel a difference. The pre IM6 is fantastic and definitely has a different character to the im6 and wt. All great rods but just a bit different.
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A kind fellow member took it upon himself to call Winston for me, something I was planning to do when I had time. I still plan to call to validate/ get a second opinion with someone else when I Thank you very much!

"Hi Josh - I called Winston ... he said your rod was made in 1988. I think your tube has a replacement cap on it... 'cause your rod is serial # 10438...
and it is not a WT which was made in the 2000's as I suggested. You shuold still call though... I spoke with a Keith... but try to get someone different... maybe we can compare notes :)

It is IM6 graphite... but early as you thought... Fisher made. (The downlocking seat and year of tube decal and color of rod bag told me so by the way.)"

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