Caught my first steelhead today on the Hoh! It was a heavy (maybe 14 pounds) hatchery male. They are beautiful fish. Wish it coulda been wild and I wish it coulda been on a dry fly (It hit a Skykomish Sunrise), but I guess you gotta start somewhere.

What a thrill



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Way to go Jeremy. You are one short quick step ahead of me. I'm putting in my time and it will be soon. Sounds like a nice fish.



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Congrats on your first steelie. Where about on the hoh did you find steelhead. My family and I are going camping up there on the hoh in a week and half. Nothin like hooking up with a steelhead the finest fish out there. Since I caught my first steelhead I have had the steelhead fever ever since and after catching a 29" buck on the stilly two weeks ago I can't wait to hit the hoh.

Excellent! Please share photos if you have any.

I went to Fortson on Sunday, stayed up all night on Sat night, drove to Fortson by 4:30. Thought I was gonna miss the mob by 5am and get the honey hole. Dude was there and hooked 2 missed 2. I fished the okay water for 4 hours, started to nod off standing up. Fell asleep in the van, woke up at 5pm, it poured hard. No fish. Tough weekend.
I was at the first "public fishing" sign up river from 101. I had never fished the Hoh before. My problem is that pretty much all the water looks good... I never know where to fish. The river is supposedly full on Kings and Dollies too, but didn't see any of them.

Good Luck.... maybe I'll see you out there.


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