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What a weekend of hoops! Purdue and Virginia played in an epic game. Auburn and Kentucky put on a good show. The Gonzaga and Texas Tech game was excellent. And Duke lost! That was also an exciting game and one that had me on pins and needles during the last few minutes of the game due to Duke surviving their previous two games.

And thank you @cabezon. I did release a big shout and the end of the


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Another story to keep an eye on... the Clippers announcer for the past 40 years, Ralph Lawler, is retiring at the end of the season. The Clippers weren't supposed to be a playoff team this year after starting a rebuild, but have surprised and will be a playoff team, playing some great basketball lately.

Ralph has never seen a Clippers championship, because quite frankly they've never won. Wouldn't it be amazing if they were able to pull off a championship for him this year?
If you like good basketball then you should watch the Warriors They are probably the best team ever assembled. Better than that they actually thrive on ball movement and defense. They play the game the right way.

I can’t stand CBK because it’s a total sham. One and done just sucks. I can’t leep track of freshman players.

I do like Gonzaga because they seem to be a team that develops players to complete with the elite recruiting teams.
I loved watching Dallas absolutely obliterate the Warriors, with two rookies running the offense. They destroyed the champs by thirty something points!

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I have always hated the Lakers, always. Ironically, jamma is my oldest and dearest friend(he's okay i guess) and he seems to have always truly liked Lakers teams...then there is the Cubbies thing...glad they finally won one...

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Tsk, tsk, tsk. Where in the hell is that super team that Lebron was supposed to put together. They didn't even come out ahead this year. The Lakers were losers again. Maybe they should just start from scratch and build a team from the draft, instead of getting over the hill players. Lebron is getting older now and his legs will start to give out. They had Kobe a few years ago and they didn't win then. Now they have another over the hill player in LJ

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