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Let's do this! Really wish we hadn't laid a couple turds in the last week in the season and dropped down to the 8th seed, but it is what it is. Bring on the W's!

As much as I hate him I love Beverly. Just so long as he keeps it clean... you can probably say the same thing about Green.

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
The Lakers suck except the great Wilt and jerry aznd too many... Iam more into th e Boston side...and more so ito the Portland playoff ...MAGIC ROLLING THE BALL thing the the playoffs...91 was their year ...Dammit! hate the lakers...forever
I’m glad you enjoyed watching Dallas while they still had games to play. The real season starts this weekend.
Dallas was awesome to watch this year with such a young team. There record wasn't great, but I'm enthralled by that Luca kid. He's no hype!
When they beat the Warriors, Curry wasn't in, so it hardly counted... but over thirty points! I can't wait to see what Dallas has in store the next couple of years.

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
Blazers beat the thunder...I am happy...Yeah I am a homer but I love this team...and I was was there for that last championship with bill...BTW I met him and about 15 of the great ones back in the day...I mounted the famous Harry Glickman raincoat and and a bunch of other stuff rom inception as a franchise in the museum exhibit "Bingo, Bango Bongo"...a Bill Shawnley thing...I was there … I conceived and designed that large exhibit, just one of 400 in my career there...It was awesome and no one will ever know...the great shit I did for the Oregon History museum,, nor will they know the awesome people with such incredible expertise that made it possible...because I was paid to do it was my job, and the board of directors and directors who didn't do shit got the accolades...that is the life of creative excellence...because it was my job. So if I seem to have an attitude here it's because I have many wads stuck in my craw ...from past extraordinary things I have done...we all have some of those I think, from 60 hour work weeks...I will probably never get over it...Though after I left or rather post 9-11 when the endowment was dessimated and the museum nearly closed and my friends were severed along with me ...we had a get together at the heathman downtown...and I will never forget I stuck my head in to a gathering of 300 peers and compadres... 300 people clapped in memory of what I had done over 22 years...I cried and couldn't was something I truly needed. Emotion comes for me from maximum effort...but they saved me that day from feeling it was all wasted...When you give so much, I realized it would never be appreciated to the level your hope.
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I watched Durant implode in game 1 and was astounded at how stupid he is. As a player he one of the top five in the league but beyond that he is one dumb immature sumbitch. I have known this for years but he really put it on display Saturday. He is now in danger of being suspended for what could be a critical game later in the playoffs, much like when Dramon Green killed the Warriors chances a few years back.

Since this is Durant's last season under contract to the Warriors it will be interesting to see just how stupid he really is. Leaving the best team and most skilled team mates in the country with the greatest percentage chance of winning another NBA championship seems like a no-brainer but that is what Durant is-a no-brainer. I sense that he is intensely jealous of Curry as Curry is the face of the team. Durant's personality and demeanor insure that he will never be as adored as Curry no matter where he goes. So I expect him to sign with some other team where he can be the number one guy but no longer be on the number one team.

He has already stated that all he is looking for in the next deal is the most money.

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