FS Redington, ECHO and St. Croix Rods for Sale.

Price drops on a couple...ECHO and St. Croix are SOLD...Redington Prospector is still available. Butter Stick is off the market for now. Prospector is SOLD.

Continuing to reduce my collection of rods to a manageable level...

The Prospector and the Edge are brand new/never used. The Butter Stick was used four times and is in excellent condition. The St. Croix was used a lot but is in very good condition. See photos below.

I will pay PayPal fees and shipping costs within the CONUS. Feel free to reply here or directly to me at [email protected] with questions and/or offers to purchase.

Redington Prospector 8119-4 - MSRP of $400.00; will sell for $225.00...drops to $200. SOLD

ECHO Edge 8'-4" 8-wt - Tim Rajeef design for warm water species. MSRP of $249.95; will sell for $125.00. ECHO Edge is SOLD.

Redington Butter Stick 580-3 - MSRP of $250.00 when new; will sell for $125.00. Off the Market.

St. Croix Legend Ultra U904.4 - MSRP of $450.00 when new; will sell for $150.00...drops to $125.00. SOLD.

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