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Thank you very much. I love that Cutlass fly, especially when you say it is a fishing machine!
Thanks! Some time after this I ran across the Seaducer fly, well damn I didn't come up with anything new after all :)
But it does fish very well!


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My flatwing hybrid pattern, 2 hackle in the back and a wetfly style body up front. 3.3mm tungsten bead in the front of Gamakatsu BS10 Stinger hook to help it sink and produce the jigging motion.

List of feathers used: 2 dry fly hackles, 1 Chinese hackle, 1 fluffy pheasant, 1 natural mallard flank, 2 JC eyes.

View attachment 191338

Lay down some fluff as the base for the tail. Then lay down the 2 hackles one by one and I like to put some cement to really secure them. I like to flare them out a bit so they'll be exposed to the current and undulate.

View attachment 191343
View attachment 191345

Tie down the pheasant and strung hackle together tips first and wrap forward. Brush out to straighten.
The soft pheasant swims but gets support from the stiffer hackle. As a whole they produce turbulence behind them to help give the rear hackles movement.

View attachment 191347
View attachment 191346

Tie down the 2 JC, then the mallard. Whip tie and cement it to make sure they stay, before the dubbing goes on the head.

View attachment 191348
View attachment 191349

Finish with some claret dubbing behind the bead.

View attachment 191350
View attachment 191351
A great looking fly. Nice profile with lots of action even at slower speeds. Thanks!

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