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Shawn Seeger

(aka. wabowhunter)
So, tonight's news story has been great. They said I wonder what they are going to name the new tunnel... And with only one glass of wine at dinner, BOOM I had it... Bertha's Big Hole !!!!

Think of how much fun it would be going forward, watching the evening news... These are a few headlines that came to mind...

* There is an accident in Bertha's Big Hole on the south end.
* There is a slow down coming into Bertha's Big Hole from the north end
* Things are moving slow out of the South end of Bertha's Big Hole
* Look at the backup on the south end of Bertha's Big Hole
* You need to plan your route carefully into Bertha's Big Hole today after last night's slowdown
* Be careful tomorrow morning, with tonight's temperatures Bertha's Big Hole might be slippery
* Today the toll to go into Bertha's Big Hole is going to be $2.50
* Tonight on King 5 news we have the exclusive story from inside Bertha's Big Hole
* I wonder what is causing the blockage tonight in Bertha's Big Hole

Let the fun begin!!!

And quit thinking about Bertha's Big Hole

Mic Drop and back to the tying table


Trout Thank Me
I like Sounder Undergrounder and i’m Not even a soccer fan. What about something with the new hockey team ?


"The Highway To Hell". You can sing along with AC/DC as you drive it. Driving in down town Seattle during rush hour is hell if you haven't experienced it.
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