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I always thought that heading east tunnel I90 under Mt Baker "Portal to the Pacific" sign was cool.

How about some cryptic but sorta geeky shit on the entry to the tunnel like:

Heading south:
Hiram M Chittendon
47.622200 Portal

Heading north:
Hiram M Chittendon
47.590937 Portal

But the tunnel itself ought to be called:

You can escape Godzilla... but Tsunami? Not so much...

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Off topic a bit, I used to belong to one of Seattle’s golf clubs. One day I played with a member known by many as one of the Club’s assholes, a lawyer, and worse a cheater. Somehow we started talking about the tunnel, and I said I thought it was ridiculous largely because the main benefactors weren’t paying a dime. He asked what I meant, to which I said all of the underused properties, mostly vacant, adjacent to the viaduct would reap huge rewards and are paying nothing. He smiled and said “you’re right, I own a couple of those buildings.”
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Hey Shawn. Thought this thread would be epic. Problem is you nailed it right away. I think the Mods should make it a 'sticky'. Berthas Big Hole! Now if some of you IT geniuses can do your best (worst?) you can make it happen! Just think: a Seattle landmark properly named and worthy of nationwide snide remarks. C'mon guys, put down that 2nd double whatever and make it happen. Haven't you wanted to be part of a small rebellion?
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Silly acronyms are something of a sad, compulsive hobby, so my apologies in advance for the following:

DIG Expensive Seattle Tunnel Inserted Via Extreme Tax Raping Acrimoniously Collected Tomorrow

Has some PR potential though... "Conveniently visit beautiful downtown Seattle through her DIGESTIVE TRACT". Draw your own conclusions about naming the entry/exit points, but the south end is kinda self-explanatory. Throw in a few more bucks to commission some some public artwork and... well... never mind. ;)

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