February Salon: Sea Run Cutthroat Flies

Ian Horning

Powerbait Entomologist
Baitfish Patterns on a #4 Gama B10S, about 3.5-3.75" long

A mixture of bucktail, craft fur, finn raccoon and assorted flash/UV for a neutrally buoyant baitfish with loads of action and a decent profile.

Olive/White natural



They look bulky and fluffy when dry, but slim down pretty good when wet. The light, thin materials provide great action, are easy to cast, and keep a natural taper.

IMG_5729 (1).jpg

The cat approved of my use of bucktail

I need to get a better camera


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I have one that I have been fiddling around with for a while. I started with the already deadly Jeff Delia's squid. From there it has evolved into the






It even comes in a top water flavor!

It's easy to tie and fishes well. I do fish other flies but if I only could have one it would be the DiscoSquid.

Yes, it's a bugger.


Ian Horning

Powerbait Entomologist
Chum fry pattern, using the same materials as it's bigger cousins above: Finn raccoon, bucktail, craft fur, and flash. At just under 2" it's a pretty good size comparison for the chum fry a few weeks after emergence, perhaps a little larger.

We're only a few weeks away from the beginnings of the emergence in some areas!


Ian Horning

Powerbait Entomologist
Squid, #4 Gama B10S

The mantle is UV pearl and white ice dub covered with UV cure, which in turn acts as weight to give the fly a darting action on the retrieve. Squid flies are great because of the location of the eyes, which are right above the point of the hook... headhunting fish, like Cutts tend to be, will often smash the fly right at the eyes rather than swipe behind, resulting in more hookups.



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Inspired by Chester Allen's description of Polychaete Worms in Fly Fishing for Sea-Run Cutthroat
Gamakatsu SPL-3L3H #4
Thread: 140 UTC
20 turns of .020 lead free wire
Tail: Finn Raccoon
Underbody Legs: Zonked Pine Squirrel sandwiched between the foam
Overbody: Razor Foam 1/4" pieces on top and bottom
Rib: Medium Ultra Wire

These were initial ties and clearly need some refinement. I tried furry foam and it looked good but my stock was old and fell apart while tying. Of course any number of color combinations and sizes could be tied. I just used what I had on hand.

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