Talk me out of a SOTAR Strike for MT


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If you want a fishing raft, buy a Strike. They are lighter, track better with an I-beam floor and are less affected by the wind. Your wife will be able to keep it in control and in the fishing slot better with an I-beam floor.

I've been in all of them, NRS, Aire, Maravia (Streamtech) and Sotar Strike. Strike is my first choice, followed by a lightweight Aire set up.

If you want to stand in it, add marine grade plywood cut to fir the floor and remove it when not needed. I don't stand in rafts, we fish from the seat. If I want to stand and fish from a boat, we use a drift boat, or skiff.

I have dragged my Strike loaded, unloaded through all kinds of dirt, rocks, asphalt with no problems. I've carried it into rivers and thrown it down river banks. I also wear studs in my raft year round.

I don't drink the purple cool aid on drop stitch floors, or that Sotar's warranty sucks. YMMV


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I don't drink the purple cool aid on drop stitch floors... YMMV

Can you expand on that statement? I believe there are pros and cons of many features of inflatable boats. As I see it, there are four types of raft floors: The I-beam, the drop stitch, the bucket boat, and the floor Aire/Outcast uses. I don't think anyone would argue that regarding firmness and rigidity, the drop stitch and the Aire floors are at the top, with the I-beam being a distant third and well the bucket boat floor is dead last. Of course, firmness may not even be that important to you, especially if you fish while seated and put in a plywood floor. And there certainly are other considerations that may be more important (weight, material, dimensions, warranty, maneuverability, tracking, etc. ) in choosing a raft.

With all that said, I'm still wondering about the purple Kool Aid reference you make about drop stitch floors? I'm certainly not trying to be confrontational, rather inquisitive and curious.


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If I were buying a Sotar Strike, I would upgrade to 4 main chambers instead of the standard two. Some folks who guide out of them might also suggest considering ordering without handles on the sides (trying to reduce number of things to catch flies on).

I’m quite fond of Aire’s 130D and 143D designs as well. I’d personally think I’d like the sealed pocket floor unless I planned to be in lots of big water and needed more ballast. I’d love to see this boat with a drop stitch floor in it :)


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Damn it, now I want a Sotar Strike or Streamtech boat.. will check out boats at the Fly Fishing show in Lynnwood on Saturday!


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I have a Strike for sale too.

Wish I could afford to buy a boat now. Have been in quite a few NRS boats and Marvia's.. A few others, although most of the boats were setup for whitewater and not fishing. I will eventually get a drift boat and/or a raft!

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In regards to abrasion resistance, Maravia is coated with urethane, SOTAR is pure urethane. If anything, seems like coating would wear first if anything, but never heard of this happening. The weight difference will be huge on a steep put-in.

Wing Inflatables had a wonderful reputation and then were consumed with military contracts; the rafts you see in SEAL documentaries pounding rocks on the shore are Wings. Air Force para jumpers use them as well, Their rigid inflatables pretty much own the market. They also use pure urethane with thermal welding rather than glue. Don't know about weight, nor price, but they are now back on the market for whitewater.


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Check out Outdoor Play. They sell Aire rafts on their website. They randomly send out coupons via email for registered customers. I got a 20% code last year and it worked with any raft of their website. That's almost $900.00 off an Aire 136 DD. You could buy a nice pair of Sawyer oars with the savings!


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I'm very aware of Outdoor play. Thanks. I'm leaning towards the Maravia willy willy. Placing my order Thurs


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Well If you change your mind again.. Sotar Spring Sale starts March 26th. 10% off builds and an additional 5% off in-stock rafts.


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Not bad, considering it comes with the NRS frame and all the accessories. I’d be interested to see if he done any patch work on the boat. Also, see what year it was bought from Sotar. They warrenty is only valid for 10 years.

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