NFR Snow

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Low 40's in my yard now. Rain has temporarily quit. Its gray and 41 here in N Grayland. No sign of any snow anywhere. The little bit we got one day last week has melted. I don't need to see any more snow falling around here. I love this ocean air!


Big Time Hater
Several closed roads out towards the Hood Canal area, including 101 both directions at Morse Creek area.
Poor conditions West of 104, lots of snow and lots of accidents.

Have fun....
Headed to Forks for some epic steelheading in the snow anyone.... ?
Relax, it'll be fine. View attachment 192489
Just tell them your going fishing and your friends with Swimmy...they'll get out of your way! BTW...where was that picture taken? North Kirkland: started coming down at noon...temp dropped 6 degrees in 1 hour. Really glad I'm retired and won't need to join the festivities. Friday PM commute is a nightmare when I'ts dry....bondo shops will be busy for a month!
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We got a heat wave going on here in Butte. Yesterday morning when I got up it was minus 23. This morning it was PLUS 4 degrees. Woo wee. It is supposed to get to 15 degrees today I sure hope so . Getting tired of the single digits all day long.
Each time I think it might be interesting to move to Montana, I read one of OMJ's posts during the winter and then I think ........... naaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.....pass ........... :confused:

Thomas Mitchell

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Thanks. Not like you can take side roads to get around that mess. If your really headed to Forks, best wishes & be safe.
I was supposed to leave for Forks and fish tomorrow but it's not happening. Took me 90min to make the 9 miles home and I considered myself lucky. Can't imagine what it'd take to get all the way to Forks in the dark tonight. Pretty bummed as my best day ever was on a snowy day on the Sol Duc when no one else was on the river. I still feel guilty for catching so many that day.

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