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And drifting at present. 1 hour 45 minutes of shoveling - I'd guess we got about 8" last night & it was getting heavy.
At my place it will just drift back in.
And any piles or banks of snow create deeper drifts.
Pretty much screwed until the wind stops, which looks like at least tomorrow or the next day.
Portions of one side of my long oval gravel drive mostly get blown clean in a north wind, however.



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I see winters on the Hi-line are still brutal. I had kin who lived south of Redstone. Winter could be a most unpleasant time.
If you are referring to the Hi-Line as highway 2 in Montana, ya ,you might say the weather could be unpleasant :) Was raised up there in Chinook, without looking up the exact day we had somewhere in the -50's in January of 1954, I was 7 at the time. I might be off a year or two, but I remember hearing about it from my dad.

It was some wild weather up there in the winter .


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About 5 or 6" here is SE Oly. Not too exciting. Haven't used the heat pump since the freezing weather began last weekend. I just heat with my fireplace when it gets cold; keeps us much warmer cuz it's hard to regulate it to less than 70*. Sometimes I open the door and windows for a bit when it reaches 74. I'm getting better at remembering to bring in the hummingbird feeder at night and then hang it out again in the morning.

Got reports this morning of power out and trees down over at the condo. Renter moved out 2 weekends ago, so nothing urgent to tend to. Might head over with the chainsaw if no one has cleared the road. It could be that no one who lives there owns a saw.


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Columbia Basin Flycasters monthly meeting Tuesday night canceled.

No end in sight to this snowstorm, inches a day predicted everyday for at least a few days.



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Had maybe 5 or 6 inches here this morning when we got up. Went out and cleared the snow off the canopy "garage" that covers the wife's car and also cleaned off the boat cover. Came in, turned on the 'puter and looked at the Cliff Mass blog that Nick referred to. Yikes! 8 to 12 inches in the Puget Sound area on Tuesday! I see they're forecasting nightly temps in the 'teens beginning tonight so I think I'll move the potted plants currently on the deck down on the ground below the deck and try to insulate the pots with some old towels or something. Although I've spent a lot of my life in the winter backcountry, it's an easier life there as opposed to taking care of a house and associated items in this type of weather.

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shoveling tomorrow...Gee we can't wait! 120' of driveway...aaargh! but you can only play so much cribbage and tv...

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The graph of 24 hr snowfall ending next Tuesday (on the same Cliff Mass blog Dipnet is referencing) indicates no snow accumulation for N Grayland and Westport. This place must be the "tain't" of W WA. Tain't snowing out here. Tain't nothin goin on. Tain't a place to store collectibles susceptible to mold. Tain't (fill in with anything you can think of). This stubby little unfortunate peninsula even looks like a "tain't" on the map!

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