NFR Snow

Jim Ficklin

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So far 11 13 rigs have been stuck in my cul de sac (that I've seen). My Son parked his Civic over here and took my Outback; the Honda is safe in the RV spot - for the duration, however long that is. He said the Outback had all it could handle on some side streets, but it got them home safely. If this white shit gets too bad, my little Jeep might have to make an appearance.
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Snows not the problem here its the cold -40 to -50 with the wind chill expected tonight..... I should have stayed in NZ.......with little relief in sight....


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City(west Richland) and county(Benton) have pulled their road crews altogether.
Snowing and drifting too fast.
Neighbor who works at the hospital will be sleeping there tonight.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
I'm pretty much drifted in. Front door & walk is plugged. I can still get out the patio door & both garage doors. I'm done shoveling other than clearing my dog's privy so I can pick-up deposits immediately. I'll await shoveling help later today or tomorrow at the latest. I heed my favorite movie line quote: "A man's got to know his limitations." I will trek down to the mailbox later when the snow quits. We have had much more snow here, but the wind yesterday made this storm brutal to the point that I couldn't stay ahead of it. My dog thinks the drifts are big fun, however.

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