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The ones with a poly plow blade & offset handle are good. Mine have everything but the offset handle; except for the fact that I have to bend a little more, I have no complaints & they have worn well. Snow doesn't stick to poly scoop very often. I WILL own a snow blower before next winter! 4" of snow & up gets a blow job. Aluminum scoop shovels work good also when digging through drifts is required; I spray the blade surface before I start. Tomorrow I'm getting my roof cleared - way too much weight up there with the drifts. It will be a prudent expenditure and I sure as shit ain't getting on the roof, even if the landing after I slide off would be softer, lol.
I pulled the snow off my roof today just as a precaution, after the last wind storm the 17year old roof sprang a couple of leaks & was shedualed to be replaced this week .


Sg, with my 1,100' driveway it is either plow or perish! I start out in the fall with around 20+' of width but even with two 6' blades on my tractor eventually the berms are so high that the road narrows down to about 7-8'. At that point I call in the big boys with a tracked snow plow and they open the road up again to almost the original width. With heavy snow forecast in the next few days I will probably have a luge track again and need some help turning it back into a road.
I had the same problem. Parts of my road is on the side of a slight hill so I could only blade it one direction; downhill. The berm would get up to a certain height and then my road got narrower to the point the UPS truck wouldn't come up.


And then there were the drifts which couldn't be plowed with a blade.


I broke down and bought this Land Pride blower. It solves the problem. It will also solve the problem I had. when previously the berm would melt back onto my road and freeze.


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Looks like Greater Seattle will avoid the huge snows - good news.

My concern is the freezing rain being forecasted. If it is a lot then it can become a ice storm like in the early-mid 2000's. Much prefer snow over ice build-up on trees causing widespread damage.


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Trapper, I like the looks of that snowblower! If I planned to be here next winter I would look into one. My driveway is two sections-the short uphill pull to the top of the landing that is in shade until late March and then the long downhill section that eventually narrows down. The previous UPS driver would come right to the house all winter and only complained when both side of his truck were rubbing the berms. The new guy leaves stuff at the neighbors.

The short steep section can only be pushed downhill and like you-it has a bank on one side making things more difficult. I notice that you have trees very close to the side of your road that probably prevent moving snow very far to that side. I had the same thing when I moved here but eventually took down over 100 trees to open up the road and provide more room for the snow.

Here's some pics from this morning. As you can see there isn't much snowpack this year, maybe only 18 inches on the ground but up to 10'' is projected in the next two days. I'll deal with it when it gets here or just call for help.IMG_20190211_100005323_HDR.jpgIMG_20190211_094823677_BURST000_COVER.jpgIMG_20190211_094729260_HDR.jpgIMG_20190211_094706333_BURST000_COVER.jpgIMG_20190211_093959676_BURST000_COVER.jpgIMG_20190211_093930571_BURST000_COVER.jpgIMG_20190211_093754399_BURST000_COVER.jpg


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I've been having a blast watching the antics of all the birds during this snowy weather (although I wonder how many don't survive :(). Not only at the two hanging feeders out in the yard but I've been throwing black oil sunflower seeds on the deck and patio table that sits right outside our kitchen window. It's been a three ring circus of activity with juncos, varied thrush, towhees, house finches, flickers, nuthatches, chickadees and Stellar jays. And thankfully the snow seems to have curtailed the activity of the gray squirrels!
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the birds are cat tv through the picture windows...varigated thrushes and sapsuckers and flickers are just beautiful...the hummingbirds have been nuts...a lot of battles going on at the feeders outside the windows...Love watching them.

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