What’s Catching You Fish?

So this has been a pattern, basically designed by @ScottP , but with my own little details, that has been killer for me. I first tried it on a creek near my house last year, fishing with my kiddos, and it was lights out on the eager "little blue line" fish. I took it to Sun Valley with me a coupke weeks later, and after ~50 fish, it was starting to fall apart. Really not a bad fish:fly ratio. And, I caught the Copper Basin Grand Slam on it (minus the whitefish): Rainbow, Westslope, Cuttbow, Snake River Fine Spot Cutthroat, and Grayling). I have started tying it in other colors and it has evolved a bit as well. Great pattern overall, can't wait for summer to fish it again. The Skwala was dynamite!

Original Fly
First little cutty with fly
Fly after the ~50 fish
Yellow Sally (also super effective in Sun Valley)

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