What’s Catching You Fish?


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Well, this little 8" (now it's closer to 7") single has given me 5 eats and 3 fish to the boat...

Including this beauty from this morning...

I really want to try this fishery. So many fish, so little time. I’m going to have to do some research..

Nice fish!

Jamie Wilson

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Thanks....but if you knew just how many hours went into each of these, "Killin it" probably wouldn't be the first words you thought of. More like, "insanity"
Nice to be passionate about something.
Keep up the good work and the posts
Looks like you’ve dialed it in


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Caddis, of course. It is summer, after all. View attachment 207608 View attachment 207609
Simple pics like this make me the most jealous of all. My favorite type of fishing. Mid summer, warm morning and Caddis.

I love SRC and I love coho off the beach. I actually really love chasing them in the cold and rain of winter. I find joy in fishing while other are watching the Bengals play the Dolphins. However, I feel those fisheries give me something to do.

The fisheries in this pic give me something to strive for. I want that stream 5 minutes from my house.

Love it - nice job...

Speyrod GB

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oh man, each one just gets me so juiced....it truly is big game hunting.
Well done. I totally understand your position. It's like fishing for freshwater barracuda with a little bonefish sighting. I really miss it. Keep posting the pics. They do my soul good. Maybe next year I'll find some tigers to hunt.

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