What’s Catching You Fish?

Speyrod GB

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Not really a fan of hopper dropper rigs until today. I tied a small ant (size 12) last night and it worked pretty good. Yes, size 12 is small to my eyes.

Caught several fish, including this nice brown on the lil ant. I'll take it.


Tomorrow is another day. Looking forward to it. Found a new place to explore.

Tight lines.


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Caught this


Using this (looks like it took a swim with me at some point; a poor job drying it off left the iron little rusty)

Pink has done well here before and the Pookie was the first one I found in the box. Here’s the originator, Dean Renner’s, site with a history and SBS of the fly (you have to scroll pretty far down, but it’s worth it for the pics of the dog alone). The fancy River Road cutters are definitely optional; I tapered the body and wing by hand and the fish didn’t care.


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