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Yes that's the one, @mtskibum16 SBS.
I do use the same material more or less. You just wind it forward a few wraps and brush it back. Perhaps Matt can give you some tips @mtskibum16.
Uh not really beyond that. I just adapted some methods from Gunnar Brammer. Check out his videos on YouTube. I think that method is from his jerk flies (search jerk jr maybe).
Edit: I see you found some clarification @NRC. Glad you like it and hope you have success with it!
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Ian Horning

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I think the last fish I caught on a fly was a bull trout back in late December. He ate a Bull Buster unsurprisingly. Since then I have ditched the weighted flies and micro skagit heads for an all-out assault on winter steelhead on the long rod. I've had 2 grabs, nothing more. I think my mindset is right, though.... I get super excited about the days when something bumped my flies, and enjoy the process in general a ton.

With that being said, I'm looking at my and 7 weight and getting the streamer itch again. Operation: Winter Steelhead on a stripped bug? Might not be as ridiculous as it sounds.


It's all good.
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I don't think it was this exact same fly in this particular Yakima RB, but multiple size & color variations of this fly were money on slow days last summer/fall. This bow was my buddy's fish on my tie - if you look close you can see the wing in his mouth. (I don't often take pics of my own fish...not that coordinated!)
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