What’s Catching You Fish?


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I've always been intrigued by those fancy Burkies... How do they cast in the salt? Nice flatwing!
thanks! it's a slight variation on a Rhody Flatwing, which is basically a Ray's Fly with a wing. northeast striper stuff scaled down a bit for Puget Sound.

love the burkie! haven't touched another rod in like three years! Kerry and his team make nice rods. if by "fancy" you mean expensive, they're not anymore expensive than the latest saltwater rods from Scott, Sage, Winston, etc...

Bob Rankin

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I sure do love my Burkies! They are all Spey rods that you would have to pry out of my cold dead hands!!!!


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I have split my fishing time between SRC/rezzies and blackmouth the last few weeks. Found the blackmouth again today but no keepers. Another classic came through though. No introduction needed here....


Question to those who have targeted blackmouth in the past; do big fish mingle with the smaller ones. I have found blackmouth every time I have gone out looking this winter but the biggest landed has been 2-3 lbs. Any chance bigger fish are swimming with them?


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Decided to stay local and hit an old standby with smaller fishies.

It was a decent enough early spring day with a breeze and sunshine from time to time.

This lake is rather shallow so the midges were coming off early and lasted til mid afternoon. I'm not a chironomid fisher and once I got dialed in with this no frills burgundy micro leech I had some consistent fun.

Although my phone didn't pick up the colors well, some of those little guys were very pretty


Couldn't ask for much more today. :)

MIke d

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