What’s Catching You Fish?


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Nice minnow pattern..... is that colored flash under a mylar body or done with markers and then coated.... ? either way it looks super fishy....
If you are talking the one I posted above; Mylar body (ez body I believe the material is called?), red head cement covered by plastic fish mask and then UV cure. Underneath is red/yellow/orange ep fiber blend. I also, UV cured down some green predator wrap on top to give that green slightly spotted back.

Honestly, the pattern as tied looks better in the vice then it fishes. Not a lot of movement in the tail. I plan on playing around with it some more this week. Probably tie them a tad longer, add some more material to give the back half of the fly more movement when stripped. Iwas thinking bunny somehow but I have to experiment a bit to see if it would work. I hope that will make it a bit more durable as well. Two fish yesterday and the tail was toast for the most part.

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